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ALL AGES RECORDS is a independent Punk & Hardcore record shop in Camden, London, UK.
We specialise in PUNK, HARDCORE, SKA, PSYCHOBILLY, GARAGE PUNK and everything in between. We stock CDs, vinyls, DVDs, T-shirts, fanzines, books, patches & badges, and more.
We are open everyday from 11:30am - 6:30pm.

We are completely independent. Starting as a stall in Camden market for about 2 years, and then progressed to a shop founded by four friends that share a love of all things punk rock who have been involved in putting on gigs, doing distros, putting out records, writing for zines and many other things over a number of years.

We decided to open the shop for a number of reasons. The distros got too heavy to move around, people wanted to get hold of things on indpendent labels that you couldn'd find anywhere in London, and there was no specialist punk rock record shop in central London for people to browse and hang out in.

A shop like ALL AGES RECORDS is something that we have wanted to start up for a long time. We hope you can also use it as a resource, a place to come to find out about gigs, to post messages if you're looking for new band members, to pick up copies of zines, flyers and info, and of course to buy the records!

If you've got any suggestions of things you'd like to get hold of, or suggestions of what you'd like to see on this site please email us! Just click on the email address at the top of the page.

Thanks for checking us out!
Nick, Ayako & Dave